Collection Policy

Collection Policy

Macsherry Library Collection Policy

The Macsherry Library provides popular reading materials for recreation and information in a variety of formats for community residents of all ages.

Materials acquisitions:

The library director is responsible for collection development under policies approved by the Board of Trustees. Materials selected will be those titles which occasion high demand and interest, which provide information on current issues, or serve to create a balanced collection for general information, self education, and reference. Materials are meant to reflect a variety of opinions, stimulate understanding and growth, enhance job-related knowledge and skills, and increase knowledge and participation in affairs of the community, nation, and world. The collection will not serve to represent any particular doctrine or point of view. Factors in selection may include cost, perceived long term value, authority and accuracy of the author, and multiple review sources. Donated materials are subject to the same considerations in deciding whether or not they will be shelved. Selection recommendations are encouraged from both patrons and staff.

Freedom to Read:

The library supports the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement as adopted by the ALA. Library patrons may ask the Library Director to reconsider materials they find objectionable. The patron may submit a Citizen Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form which will be presented to the board at their next scheduled meeting.


The requirements of space and good library practice dictate that the collection be regularly examined for materials that should be removed or replaced. Books which have suffered extended periods of declining interest , which have no permanent literary, historical or local interest, and have no anticipated use may be removed.

This is usually determined by at least 5 years of minimal or no circulation. Books which no longer provide accurate information or which suffer damage or deterioration will also be removed and replaced as advisable. The disposal of discarded items will be in keeping with the best interests of the library.