2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Library Board Meeting

January 12, 2022

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ceil Cunningham, Rich LeClerc, Cecilia

Thompson, Deb Schaffer.

Tom, Georgia and Deb Schaffer are at the library.

Absent: Darden MacWade, Chris Vaphiadis, Denise Haddock, Keeley Prophete

Meeting to order at 7:04


 Minutes have been sent to all via email.

Tom Estes moves to accept the minutes, seconded by Steve Burns, all are in favor


 The year 2021 ended in the black. We did not get a 990 last year and that will eat up any

apparent excess accounting costs.

 Cecilia asks a Quick Books question for an explanation on the expense for Fed Tax credit

withholding and NYS Unemployment which show 0.

Tom moves to accept the financial report with a qualifier that Ceil will check where those expenses have

gone, seconded by Steve, all are in favor.

Motion to pay the bills

 The bills are reviewed and there are no questions.

 The Nation-Wide bill is a quarterly payment. Durel security bought out STAT communications

 A bill of $700 was left out and the MX Fuel bill should be increased by that much, for a total of

$1225. 32

Tom E moves to pay the bills, Georgia seconds, all are in favor


 The income for FML did a little better in 2021 than the previous year. There are checks

to be deposited so we are starting the year on a positive note.

Blue Grass

 The Blue Grass group continue to meet and will be using the Reformed Church.

No Chris so no update from him.


 Children’s programs are held at the library regularly, fairly good attendance, TOPS group

are meeting in person as well, and the cemetery association meets every once in a while.

Dreamer Schwartz

 Update on Dreamer Schwartz, she was one of the Board at the library and is not doing


Steve moves to send a bouquet of flowers to Dreamer, Rich seconds, all are in favor.


Steve has compared last year’s P & L to this year, some final numbers were very close to projection.

There will be some adjustments, but this year’s budget will be similar to last year’s. Payroll will show a

significant change, it will be lower. Our heating projected costs may increase, other than that everything

will be like last year.

The extra school budget funds have been helpful. Discussion follows on doing any fund raising this

coming year. The only fund raiser that might need more funds allocated, is the silent auction due to

catering, should things get back to normal. The suggestion is to write in the line items, in the budget, for

the fundraisers and if the money isn’t spent then the money will roll into the general budget.

Board Members

 Keith Honacker was not able to join us tonight but plans to join the Board. Deb Schaffer

is present and introduced to the Board.

Tom E moves to propose Deb Schaffer as a new member, seconded by Steve, all are in favor.

Congratulations to Deb Schaffer.

Rich asks a question on if there has been any push back from the mask mandate. Ceil advises that the

people who attend the library are cooperative. Currently 20% of Jefferson County is infected.

Steve offers a source for N95 masks, R.S. Hughes is the suggestion.

At 8:15 Tom E moves we adjourn the meeting, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

Board of Trustees

February 8, 2022

PRESENT: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Chris Vaphiadis, Debbie Schaefer, Georgia Weathers, Ceil Cunningham, Director


ABSENT: Cecilia Thompson, Darden Macwade, Keeley Prophete, Denise Haddock

Meeting called to order at 7:06.


Minutes for January 2022 meeting approved with two minor changes noted. Motion to accept by Chris Vaphiadis, seconded by Tom Estes. M/S/C.

After discussion, Steve Burns, seconded by Chris Vaphiadis, to approve the financial report as presented. M/S/C.

Steve Burns moved, seconded by Tom Estes, to pay the bills presented. M/S/C.

Friends of library: Library has received several large donations in past month ($4300)

Bluegrass : Georgia reported open mic currently at Reformed Church on second Tuesday, setting aside first Monday for Macsherry when resumed.


Program Update: Ceil reported no new activities.

990 Update: No action

Solar Panel Update: Chris Vaphiadis reported his findings on the possibility of solar panels in the future. The process seems very doable, and the condition of the roof is very good, and should be able to support panels. Planning for this project must be very thorough. Currently, cost of placing solar panel batteries is approximately $6,000-$8,000.


Anti-Harassment Policy: After discussion, Georgia moved, seconded by Debbie Schaefer to accept the anti-harassment policy as presented.

Northern NY Community Foundation Draw: It was decided to leave the $2,983 untouched for now.

Preliminary Budget Review: Steve Burns presented his proposed Macsherry Library budget for 2022 budget. Chris Vaphiadis moved, seconded by Tom Estes, to accept the proposed 2022 budget with minor changes noted. M/S/C.

STAFF CONCERNS: There were none.

BOARD CONCERNS: There were none.

Georgia Weather moved, seconded by Debbie Schaefer, to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Georgia Weathers

Secretary pro tem

Macsherry Library

Board of Trustees

March 9, 2022

PRESENT: Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Tom Estes, Chris Vaphiadis, Debbie

Schaefer; Denise Haddock via phone.

Meeting called to order by Steve Burns at 7:02 pm.

MINUTES: Debbie Schaefer moved, seconded by Tom Estes to accept the

minutes as presented. M/S/C.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Ceil Cunningham pointed out donation of $900 in the

memory of Dreamer Schultz. Tom Estes moved, seconded by Chris Vaphiadis, to

accept the Financil Report as presented. M/S/C. Georgia Weathers moved,

seconded by Chris Vaphiadis, to pay the March bills to pay as presented. M/S/C.

FRIENDS OF MACSHERRY: Ceil stated there was no report.

BLUEGRASS GROUP: After discussion, it was decided to table discussion of

wearing masks to the April meeting. In the meanntime, covid statistics in the area

would be followed.'


Budget: After discussion, Tom Estes moved, seconded by Debbie Schaefer to

accept the budget as presented by Steve Burns. M/S/C.

Program Update: 'The same plan for bluegrass (following covid stats) was to

apply to Dinner and a Movie program.

990 Update: Ceil reported that the 990 program is here.

Solar Panel Update: Chris Vaphiadis reported that there was nothing to report at

this time.


Fundraising: There was considerable discussion about fundraising. Ceil pointed

out that Macsherry Library must do more fundraising than other libraries. There

was discussion about the Silent Auction and other possible ideas, such as a party

to celebrate the end of the pandemic. Georgia said she would contact musicians

about performing at such an event. Trustees were encouraged to come up with


Annual Report: The Annual Report was distributed for trustees present to view.

Ceil pointed out that trustees are expected to participate in educational programs.

She will follow up on this and get back to the board.



ADJOURNMENT: Chris Vaphiadis moved, seconded by Tom Estes, to adjourn.

M/S/C. Meeting adjourned at 7:47.

Respectfully submitted,

Georgia Weathers

Secretary Pro Tem

Macsherry Library

Minutes April 13,2022

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Debbie Schaefer, Chris Vaphiadis, Cecilia Thompson

and Ceil Cunningham.

Absent: Rich LeClerc, Tom Mitchell, Darden MacWade, Denise Haddock, Keeley Prophete

Meeting called to order at 7:01


 The minutes are reviewed by all, having been sent by email.

 Clarification on the Blue Grass group discussion, it was about masks at the Blue Grass evening,

they decided to wait until Covid statistics out and whatever the guidelines are they will be


Georgia moves to accept the minutes, with the clarification, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Financial report

 The bank balance in the operation fund is updated. Town and Village monies are not in, but the

Jefferson County monies are in.

 Payroll wages, the accountant has done something that affects the chart of accounts in Quick

Books, the payroll taxes have moved off the list. Payroll taxes for 2022 are off since the number

entered is not correct.

 Our costs for heat and electric are up.

 Chris’ plan for the library regarding the heating and cooling., need to know what should be done

and what should be kept. Chris offers an overview of what we should be thinking about for the

heating and cooling systems. We should consider changing present fuel oil furnace to propane

furnace. Possibly a heat pump would help. There are three AC systems now. A pair of new

boilers should be considered – two smaller boilers that could be twinned. They would rotate

which would create a redundancy. This would work in the space as we have now. Burying

propane tanks is discussed. Suggestion is to buy our own fuel tank.

 An approximate cost of $30,000 to $40,000 for a new boiler and heating system. We could reuse

all the pumps, a twin boiler will need reconfiguration, plus fuel, plus tank, getting rid of old


 Should we transfer to propane we would have less annual maintenance. Propane is a cleaner

fuel and offers a lot of advantages. We should get contractors to submit bids and have a solid

evaluation of those submitting bids. The best time to do the work would be May or September.

 Chris will withdraw (abstain) on this project, to ensure objectivity but will review bids.

Chris moves to accept the financial report, Tom E seconds, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

Tom E moves to pay the bills, Chris seconds, all are in favor

 MX Fuels did not work out well for us this year. MX let the fuel tanks run dry a number of times

this winter. Philly fuels and Adirondack is a recommendation to contact. The fuel tank is full, we

will suspend deliveries on fuel with MX.


 No news at this time.

Blue Grass Group

 Might start in May or in June at the library. The library is more of a draw because the library

patrons do support this event. The Reform Church performances will continue. Georgia will

explore if the group wants to come back to the library. Ceil confirms they can start in May, there

is no problem. Evenings 7:00 to 9:00 is the suggestion, the library is open on Tuesday and

Wednesday. Georgia will see what the musicians have to say.


 We are ready to open our “dinner and a movie” program at any time. Painting classes may begin

in May. The attendance would be kept low at this time for programs, and all are seated


 Guitar night is in discussion, not sure if it will be held this year, Steve will have to think about it.

Maybe a better idea is to have it in the fall.

Solar Panels

 No update from Chris. Rich was going to reach out to Fourth Coast.


 We are no longer requiring masks, but we are encouraging that masks be worn. Painting classes

should we limit the sizes? They have been elbow to elbow with about 20 people in the classes.

The suggestion is limiting the size of the classes to 15.

 The suggestion is to have a sign saying masks are appreciated.

Library Concerns

 We need a recommendation for a mason for estimates. Suggestions are to get in touch with

Mark Doney and Doug Strough. In front of both gallery doors the front concrete slab drops ¾ to

an inch. Patching doesn’t always work, pouring a new slab is what might be required, but that

can be expensive. Two rugs are suggested as a temporary idea.

 A new computer is needed. We need to replace a 2016 Dell.

 The sign out front is falling apart. An electronic sign is discussed, to replace ours that is falling

down. Tom M was to ask the village office who they contacted for their sign; we have no news.

Staff should not be out there in the bad weather, snow etc, putting out letters, with an

electronic sign posting for events or classes can be done seamlessly and from inside the library.

Staff concerns

 There has been a request for a carpet for story time, so kids don’t sit on our floor. They have

been sitting on quilts all along since the beginning of the program and the suggestion is to

continue the practice.

Board concerns

 Tom Estes advised the Board that this is going to be his last night as treasurer and he will be

leaving the Board as well. Conversation follows on finding a new treasurer as well as the tasks


 The Board thanks Tom Estes for his many years of service and wishes him well in the years


Georgia moves to adjourn, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Meeting ends at 7:58 pm

Macsherry Library

Minutes May 11, 2022

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Debbie Schaefer, and Ceil Cunningham.

Present on the phone: Cecilia Thompson, Rich LeClerc, Darden MacWade

Absent: Chris Vaphiadis, Denise Haddock, Keeley Prophete

Meeting begins at 7:02 pm


 Minutes from last month’s meeting are reviewed

Darden moves to accept the minutes, Debbie seconds, all are in favor.

Rich abstains since he wasn’t present at the meeting.

Financial report

 There was a problem with Quick Books, it was resolved today.

 Monies from the Town and County are in.

 Last year’s revenue from FML is down.

 Our overall income from last year is down.

 We are paying out large bills earlier this year than last year.

 NCLS payment is up, payroll wages are up, and the IRS payment has increased.

 Our DBS investment account is down. We have lost all the gains from last year.

Motion to accept the Steve moves, Darden seconds, all are in favor.

 Bills to be paid

 WSB withholding

 Verizon, National Grid, MX fuels, Renzi for coffee, Drew excavating for clean up Village for

water, NCLS, books, Demco (summer reading program) and more.

Georgia moves to accept the bills to be paid, Debbie seconds, all are in favor


 Revenue is down.

 A question of who pays their annual donation and when. There is no real change in the numbers

it is just when they are paying that fluctuates. A suggestion to send a reminder letter including a

date of the person’s last donation. Discussion follows on if appropriate to generate a letter to

establish an expected pay date.

Cecilia will work with Linda Toomey and send the Board a draft letter.

Blue Grass

 The group was at the Reformed church yesterday and all went well. Some of the Church

community do support the event, but the library draws a wider audience. Discussion follows on

date and times. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings works for the library. Friday is another

suggestion. Georgia will work on it and let us know.


 Dinner and Movie, our first one had 14 people in attendance. We showed Belfast. It was a nice



 Jefferson County Covid positivity rate based on CDC data is very high. CDC strongly

recommended for masking etc. Discussion follows. We have signs that indicate masking is


NYS Construction Grant

 We received a notice that the deadline for the grant is 8 th of June. We have a rough quote to

replace the boiler and we will nail that down. Chris feels he might have a conflict of interest

since he is one of the company’s that would submit a quote. The situation is resolved with the

suggestion that Chris would not vote on any of any decision-making process and would not

evaluate any submissions either.

 Rich will evaluate the soft submissions.

 A two-boiler system was what was discussed last month. Discussion follows. We could also have

a single boiler with a backup boiler later. Rich will review all

 Moving to propane is a good idea with a high efficiency boiler.

Vacation Pay Policy

 The policy for vacation pay is discussed. The suggestion is to consider vacation pay allotted on

half a day or full day basis. If you missed two hours, you would not get vacation pay for two

hours. The suggestion is to continue with hour-by-hour tracking. The group agrees to a policy by

the hour and to let the staff know. Leave the policy the way it is.

Replacing the Sign

 Tom hasn’t spoken to anyone at the town yet to find out what and where the town got their

sign and how much. Tom will pursue it. We will ensure that we follow the Village ordinance. We

are looking to change from the existing sign to a digital one. ere can request bids. John Baker is

someone who can install it for us. Tom will pursue

Fund Raiser

 Suggestion of approaching ACE to purchase a Traeger electric wi-fi enabled smoker grill or

maybe a Weber grill at or below cost. This could be used for a fund raiser raffle. Tickets could be

sold. Steve will check at WEBS and at Garlock’s. The suggestion is to have a poster “Win this


 Another suggestion of having a beer tasting night. We have a few Breweries in the area. We

could come invite them to set up in the gallery. The event could happen in the fall.

Face Book Page

 Question follows on our Face Book Page. Debbie offers to work on our FB page.

 We do have one, but we lost the ability to access it. Debbie will work on this with the staff.

Meeting is adjourned at 8:05 pm

Macsherry Library Minutes
June 8,2022

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Cecilia Thompson, Ceil Cunningham
Present via phone: Darden MacWade
Absent: Rich LeClerc, Chris Vaphiadis, Debbi Schafer, Georgia Weathers.
Denise Haddock, Keeley Prophete

Working meeting is declared since we don’t have a quorum. We cannot include those that are on the
phone for a quorum since we have not voted on a resolution to do so, ex Zoom .
Discussions will follow, but no votes will be taken at this time.
 The minutes are reviewed.
 Bank account and investment account balances are reviewed. Discussion follows on monies in
hand for this month which includes money received from FML donations, NNY Community
Foundation and an individual donor.
 The financial report is reviewed.
 We will pay the bills this month, Tom and Steve can sign the checks.
 Adams free library, we will be sharing a subscription to Book Page with them. We will send
them the money and they will send us the 16 copies through the delivery service of NCLS
 P&L statement is reviewed.
 Discussion on the suggested letter for FML – the suggestion is to exclude the date of their last
donation, should we make a mistake someone could get offended. It should say how we really
appreciate their donation. Reminding them only that we would like their payment, no date of
the last payment. Only a gentle reminder.
 Tom did talk to the village about the sign. There is a moratorium on new signs, until they rewrite
the ordinance. The Village confirmed they paid $12,000 for their new sign. Discussion on the
grant from Northern New York foundation, we could apply it to the purchase of a new sign. But
we might need that money to meet the budget this year. Signtech is who they got theirs from.
Blue Grass
 Blue Grass group met at the library, and they had a good turnout, about 30 people

Construction Grant
 The grant timeline details are passed out. The application process is discussed. There is coming
from the grant process to see where we want to put the boiler and the generator. Site overview.
 The deadline is Aug 15. We will need at least two estimates, dated, broken down to equipment
used and signed. Vapco and Derwins, AirServe are suggested. Ceil will investigate heating
 $60,000 is the ask – $20,000 for the generator, we need to find out from Chris if $40,000 is
enough to complete the project. One boiler or two?
Fund Raising
 Book Sale begins June 21 st . We have enough items to put out. Our boxes are full.
 Steve hasn’t seen anyone about the grill as a fund-raising idea. Regarding Georgia’s idea of beer
tasting event, Steve knows someone, and he will do more research for Steve on who to contact.
Steve will continue to ask at WEBs for the grill.
 Tom can also ask Garlock’s (David) if WEBS falls through.
Board Concern
 Question on Denise on the board. A clarification – Denise is ex-officio, not a board member, just
reports to us on Hearts for Youth.

Meeting adjourns 7:45 pm

Georgia Weathers <ggymae@gmail.com>Aug 17, 2022, 11:47 AM
to me


Macsherry Library Board of Trustees

August 10, 2022

PRESENT: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Denise Haddock, Darden Macwade, Deb Schaefer, Ceil Cunnungham, Director

GUEST: Cindy Demo

ABSENT: Cecilia Thompson. Rich LeClerc

Meeting called to order at 7 pm.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Georgia Weathers moved, seconded by Steve Burns, to accept the minutes as presented with one minor change. M/S/C.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Debbie Schaefer moved, seconded by Steve Burns, to approve the financial report as presented. M/S/C. Ceil mentioned that the library had purchased six wooden chairs for Story Hour at $30 apiece,

Darden Macwade moved, seconded by Steve Burns, to pay the bills as presented. M/S/C. Steve moved, seconded by Deb, to approve payment to Gray & Gray. M/S/C.

FRIENDS OF LIBRARY: A FoL party is planned for Tuesday, August 16 at 4 pm.

BLUEGRASS: Georgia reported a good turnout of musicians and listeners on August 1.


Program Update: Ceil reported that Dinner & a Movie and other programs would begin following Labor Day.

Boiler Quote: None

NYS Construction Grant Estimate: Ceil is working on this.


Direct Mail (DMC):Ceil will work on this. There will be a letter-stuffing get-together on August 24 at 7 pm.

Printer Paper Increase: After discussion, Ceil indicated she would look into lower pricing.

Christmas Craft Show:First Saturday in December. Steve encouraged contacting vendors ASAP. There was also discussion on reviving the Tree Top raffle.


Northern New York Community Foundation: Guest Cindy Demo, Village Board representative, presented information about this fundation, and the possibilities of a grant for Macsherry Luibrary. While businesses receiving grants must come up with equal amount of grant, nonprofits do not need to do so. She and fellow trustee Judy Fulmer met with the NNYCF rep, and he stressed getting all requests possible in any application. The ladies took the rep around the villsge to see what was needed; he had a lot of familiarity with this area. She and Judy are working on the application at this time.


Fines:Steve moved, seconded by Deb, to get rid of outstanding fines under $5. M/S/C.


Georgia moved, seconded by Steve, to adjourn the meeting. M/S/C. Meeting adjourned at 8;30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Georgia Weathers

Secretary pro tem

Macsherry Library Board of Trustees

September 14, 2022

PRESENT: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Darden Macwade, Rich LeClerc, Denise Haddock

ABSENT: Cecilia Thompson

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm.

MINUTES: Steve Burns moved, seconded by Denise Haddock, to accept the amended minutes of the August 10, 2022. M/S/C.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Darden Macwade moved, seconded by Debbie Schaefer, to accept the Financial Report as presented. M/S/C. Darden moved, seconded by Denise Haddock, to pay the bills as presented. M/S/C.

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Ceil Cunningham presented some new art designs for cards intended for FOM only.

BLUEGRASS: Georgia Weathers reported a surprisingly good turnout for Labor Day session; next session scheduled for October 3.


Programs:Denise reported on plans for painting workshops, both oil and acrylic; Future sessions scheduled 10/17 and 12/5 

She also announced Dinner and a Movie for September 22, “Elvis”. 

The Book Club continues to meet regularly.

Author Ellen Marie Wiseman  scheduled 10/6.

Alternate Mondays will feature sewing workshops.

Steve Burns reported on “Becoming Gepetto” (movie about Petrus, a luthier).

Christmas Craft Show: Steve reported several craft contacts have been made.

Boiler Quote: Ceil reported one quote received so far; looing for 2 more.

NY Construction Grant: Currently on hold.


Annual NYSLA meeting: Ceil, Georgia,Debbi, Darden plan to go.

C of C Cruise: No interest

February Art Show: Might not hold Heart of Winter; possibly consider a soup competition instead.

Tricky Tray: Georgia requested donation to American Legion Auxiliary Tricky Tray fundraiser, held in November.  Denise suggested a basket.. 

Age Limit for Card Holders: Rich LeClerc moved, seconded by Denise Haddock, that Macsherry Library policy regarding age eligibility conform to NYS public library policy. M/S/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Georgia Weathers,

Secretary pro tem

Macsherry Library Meeting
October 12, 2022

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Rich LeClerc, Darden MacWade, Cecilia
Denise Haddock, Ceil Cunningham
Absent: Debbie Schaefer, Chris Vaphiadis has taken a leave of absence
Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm
 Minutes are reviewed
Georgia moves to accept the minutes, Darden seconds, all are in favor
Financial Report
 The report is reviewed. The payroll figures are questioned since there appears to be a
discrepancy with the gross pay numbers. The board asks that Ceil contact our accountant for a
review to establish where the error, if any, lies. Figures are through to the end of September.
 Our investment account has fallen.
Steve moves to approve the financial report, approved as presented, Darden seconds, all are in favor.
 Bills to be paid are reviewed.
Rich moves to pay the bills, Darden seconds, all are in favor.
 The numbers are up from last year and there is another $500 in the drawer
Summer Book Sale
 The book sale went well, and the amount recouped is very close to last year
Blue Grass group
 They met last week, good turnout.
 The next one is scheduled for November 7 th .
Program updates
 Dinner and a movie is going well. There were 28 were at the last event and a lot of interest in
the upcoming movie.
 No acrylic painting lined up; teacher has been sick. Next week there will be another oil painting
Old Business
 Ceil attended the annual meeting and encouraged the Board to attend next year.
 There was a review of potential issues that might cause difficulties during library board meetings

Fund Raisers
 The Xmas craft show is discussed, and the date is confirmed to be December 3 rd . Kris Kringle at
the Fire Hall will be held this year. It is the first Saturday of December. We will reach out to
potential vendors. The list of past vendors was reviewed. Tom confirmed that Hearts for Youth
will attend and man the craft table.
 Discussion follows on a February art show vs soup cook off as an event. Discussion on details
that crock pot could be brought in. Heart of Winter soup cook off is a suggestion. Something
different, weekend, the 11 th of February 11:00 to 2:00. This could be a good time to get some of
the chorus members or school kids to come and perform.
New Business
 Age limit for card holders is reviewed. There is no NY State policy for libraries. We are following
Flower Memorial Library’s policy. Replacement cards are discussed. Fine free benefit for patrons
up to the age of 16 is discussed.
 The Policy that is decided is that Anyone under 12 applying for a card must be accompanied by a
patron, guardian, or other responsible adult with picture ID and proof of local address. The 1 st
lost card there is no fee, second is $1.00 and third is $5.00. We will eliminate fines on patrons 16
and under.
Rich moves to amend the motion made at the last meeting regarding the circulation policy to reflect
the policy statement above, Denise seconds, all are in favor.
 Ceil has written a long-range plan and will forward it to the Board.
 Funding is reviewed, the school ballot is discussed with the thought of an additional increase of
possibly $20,000. An incremental increase is the suggestion, $10,000 now. Town funding is
$15,000 and Village funding of $10,000 is discussed. The suggestion is to mention that we have
fixed costs that are going up, SSI is going up. The vote is in May.
 It is agreed that we will go forward with the school ballot, and we ask for an additional $10,000.
 Rich moves to proceed to notify NCLS that we will request a ballot iniative, seconded by Denise,
all are in favor.
 Donation to the Tricky Tray, American Legion Auxiliary fund raiser, a basket will be placed at the
library circ desk and for the public to donate.
 Beginning in January the Board members need to take 2 hours of training.
 Chris has taken a leave of absence. We need to have more details on the bids/quotes for the
furnace. Total BTUs is part of the conversation.
 Jerry Newberry would like to be on the Board.
 With Debbie we have 7 board members with Jerry we will be up
 Snow removal, we don’t have anyone.
 In the new year, give a thought to if we need an official policy on burned books.
Motion to adjourn, at 8:31, Georgia makes it and Steve seconds, all are in favor
Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Minutes Macshery library
November 19,2022

Present: Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Rich LeClerc , Cecilia Thompson, Debbie Schaefer, Ceil
Guest: Gerri Newberry
On the phone: Denise Haddock, Darden MacWade
Absent: Tom Mitchell

We have a quorum
No agenda was sent out
Steve calls the meeting to order at 7:09 pm
 Minutes are passed out to everyone and were sent via email.
 Spelling correction noted for Gerri’s name.
Rich moves to accept the minutes, Darden seconds
Financial report
 The financial report is reviewed.
 Under “other type” of income, $3983 is from Norther New York Community Foundation.
 Ceil contacted our accountant in Canton, to discuss question on payroll wages. The accountant
advised that if you subtract the social security and Medicare payments, then subtract payments
to the IRS plus NYS, that gives us a total which is in line with last year. Ceil also ran a report for
payroll and the net listed is accurate and similar to last year. Payroll liabilities are entered and
shown as paid, Ceil enters them as IRS and NYS tax payments and Quick Books puts the entries
wherever it decides.
 The money we have in our bank accounts must last until April
Georgia moves to accept the financial report, Deb seconds, all are in favor.
Bills to be paid
 Bills are reviewed
 Fuel oil – the price is $5.40 per gallon.
 The WSB is the account used for the withholding for the IRS
Darden moves to pay the bills, Rich seconds, all are in favor.
 We have an increase in single donations, and we are very grateful.
 There is also $300 in the drawer

 Dinner and movie attendance was down this past month. Maverick, Top Gun, are what we are
planning to show, as well as the two Downton Abby movies, in the next two months.
 One movie will be shown before Xmas and the second during the Xmas brake.
 A suggestion is offered for the Downton Abby movie, could we serve tea and biscuits during the
movie. It would be a late morning or early afternoon showing. It will be at 10:00 a.m.
 The library received a list of names nominated for the Chamber of Commerce. 8 people are
listed. The list is passed around. We can vote for this membership list since we are members of
the Chamber.
 Oil painting class is planned for the 19 th , it is going well.
Blue Grass
 We had a decent turn out on Monday and the next one is schedule for December 5 th . Jam
sessions in Heuvelton, Lafargeville, are shut down until spring.
Story Time
 We had many students; it was well attended. Pre-School the library used to do Wednesday
afternoon at 3:00, Hearts for Youth is now handling this. Denise will get a flyer out
Holiday Craft Fair
 The date is December 3 rd , 10 to 3:00 pm. Friday night set up, moving furniture, etc. We will
contact the TI Sun to submit ads and a PSA.
 Flyer for craft fair – Denise will get it out to the parents.
 We are looking for vendors for the craft fair.
 A caroling group, Dara Balk and Brie are coming.
New business
 We have a sign up in the lobby asking for someone to help with snow removal for the front
sidewalk. The village does the driveway.
 The Board is asked if they know anyone.
Long range plan
 The long-range plan was sent to all, it was a draft, it will be sent again. The Board is asked to
have a look and suggest any changes. We will vote on it at our next meeting.
Board Concerns
 There is a new law that all the Board members must take two classes a year.
 Classes can be any class relevant to library. We should check the NCLS website for
events/classes and then pick what classes we want. We should let Ceil know and she will
include this information in the annual report. Discussion follows.
Georgia moves to accept Gerry to the Board, Steve seconds, all are in favor.
Darden moves to accept Denise Haddock as a new board member, Deb seconds, all are in favor.

 Discussion follows on boilers. The board should arrive at set of specs for requesting quotes. We
need someone who knows furnaces, boilers. We never expanded the present boiler.
 We have two prospects to do the work, Jerry Lock, he used to be a heating consultant. Georgia
has the connection. Our thought is to replace the current heating system and move to propane.
 We would need be a disinterested professional who could give us some advice.
Staff concerns
 None at this time.

Denise moves to adjourn at 7:54, Deb seconds, all are in favor.
Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library Minutes
December 14, 2022

Present: Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Gerri Newberry, Cecilia Thompson, Ceil Cunningham
On the phone: Denise Haddock
Guest: Cindy Demo
Absent: Tom Mitchell, Rich LeClerc, Debbie Schaefer, Darden MacWade
Meeting called to order at 7:12 pm
Ceil will check with NCLS to be sure voting by phone is acceptable since we need Denise who is on the
phone to vote, to make a quorum
 A few changes to the minutes: spelling change Gerry Loch and not Lock. Story Time is not
happening in the afternoon, Kathy at the library is doing story time, Tuesday’s at 10:00 a.m. for
the time being. We have one story time.
Georgia moves to accept the minutes with amendments presented, Steve seconds, all are in favor
Financial report
 The report is reviewed by all.
 FML had an increase in funding due to Molly and Darden’s donation and we thank them.
 Direct Mail is down.
 Book sale is down.
 We are missing about $11,000, which would cover $10,800 for the retirement funds. This money
appears in the report for last year, but not for 2022 currently.
 Bank balance is reviewed, all ok.
Jerri moves to accept the financial report, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.
Bills to be paid
 The bills are reviewed
 There was a premium paid on paid family leave, first time we have had to do this.
Georgia moves to pay the bills, Steve seconds, all are in favor
Blue Grass group
 They met on the 5 th of December, nice turn out. Good time was had by all.
 The next one is January 2 nd ; the library is closed but Ceil will open it up.
Craft Show
 The details are reviewed.
 All the crafters had good sales and were pleased with their day.
 We had a steady attendance throughout the day.

Snow Removal
 An update on snow removal for the sidewalks, the same gentleman is coming back again this
year to volunteer his time.
Board Concerns
 Board/trustees will have to take 2 classes starting 2023.
 Ceil has sent to all a proposal for The Long-Range Plan. It includes a request to include a reading
for program for all ages.
 An issue to be addressed regarding wi-fi also upgrade. We are on Verizon DSL. We will
investigate upgrading our Verizon account. We have lost a donor this summer due to our
internet, this was a $1,000 loss.
 The computers in the front room need replacing.
 A question on do we want to continue with the NYS construction grant. We must put in $80,000;
this amount of money would have to go into an account. A question on what work should be
done between now and 2029. Suggestions are work on the children’s room, fix the floor. All are
asked to consider what if anything, to add to the library in the next 8 years.
 Discussion on the long-range plan, the budget, and reminding board members to take their two
classes in 2023. For NCLS.org trustee information it can be found under trustee information on
the website.
 We hosted the bus drivers for the school, it was part of community service.
 Coffee, it is getting expensive if a group comes, we have coffee for them. Do we go forward with
free coffee. Coffee for groups makes sense. Many groups that meet here do give a small
donation on their way out the door.
School Ballot
 At the NCLS website we can also see all the libraries in the system and see what other libraries
are getting under the school ballot. Our costs are going up, everything is going up. Our fund
raising isn’t working to keep up with expenses
 The suggestion for the school ballot is to ask $20,000. We need an answer in January.
 Back in the minutes, September, meeting.
 Point is not to go on the ballot every year.
Georgia moves we adjourn, Cecilia seconds, all are in favor.
Meeting adjourns at 7:48 pm
Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson