2020 Board meeting minutes

Macsherry Library

Minutes January 8, 2020

Present: Steve Burns, Rich Leclerc, Tom Mitchell, Georgia Weathers, Ceil Cunningham, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Denise Haddock, Chris Vasiliadis.

Excused: Tom Estes, Darden McWade,


  • Minutes are reviewed

Ann moves to approve the minutes, Denise seconds, all are in favor.


  • Bills to be paid are reviewed
  • UBS investment some is being withdrawn for retirement funds. More monies will be needed and the board agrees to supplement the fund. Tom will contact UBS. Greg Couch will be here next month.

Yearly financials are reviewed

  • FML is down this year as well as the Macsherry Card and the direct mail. The Silent Auction revenue was up.
  • Not as much was spent this year on books
  • Amazon Smile money is reflected in the income.
  • Accounting expenses are up due to big bill for 990’s, this won’t be repeated.

Motion to approve to pay the bills, Denise moves, Ann seconds, all are in favor

Steve moves to accept the financials, Rich seconds, all are in favor.


  • The time for the budget is coming up. Steve will handle this again this year. There will be a draft presented at the next meeting.
  • School ballot funds will be coming again in 2020.

Friends of Macsherry Library (FML)

  • Post cards went out to folks we haven’t heard from in a while. When we do our letter in the spring, we would like to send to those that are on the list but have not contributed.
  • We are working on finding a way to recruit new contributors.  We will try talking to the staff to find out who most often uses the library and we will contact them.
  • There were 33 contributors in 2019 and 25 in 2018.
  • The American legion is to be contacted in 2020 as well as Rotary. The committee will generate a letter asking Rotary formerly to consider donating.
  • The FML letter that goes out in the spring, it will be sent from the Board, if you know someone then a personal hand written note could be added.
  • There is a FML recognition plaque in the library , Ceil will look for it. Ann will get in touch with Carol Quinn and ask if she knows where it is.

Denise moves to approve the Friends report, Rich seconds, all are in favor.

Blue Grass

  • It was well attended for this time of year.
  • All went well.

Library Program Report

  • Democracy at Risk will be presented again, details to follow.
  • March 13th is the date for disaster prep program. Canton unconfirmed. The State has a set of programs for disaster planning. Ceil will get in touch with the Mayor and see if there could be a conversation on handing out a flyer to say what to do in an emergency.
  • Movie Night, “the best little farm” is coming up
  • Story time continues, there are two sessions. Oil and acrylic painting continues to be very popular. The first Thursday of every month we have “dinner and a movie”, draws 15 to 20 people every month (nicely set up).
  • Winter Carnival is happening with Blue Grass and Heart of Winter during the same time frame.
  • Game night is what Denise has been asked to organize for the winter, the concept is something similar to “dinner and movie”.
  • Guitar night, slim attendance so far, will try again on the 23rd of January. Denise will give a flyer to Mr. Hamond at the school on this event.

Hearts for youth

  • There is a meeting tomorrow night for capital campaign, they are starting a Friends group.
  • They have been offered the portables from the River Clinic as a donation, but they have to set them up and clean them. They would be moved to behind the library on solid ground. The land is being donated by Ronnie Thompson.
  • Environmental impact study has been done, this means they can only have a driveway from behind the fire hall to the portables.

Heart of Winter

  • February 8th is date for the Heart of Winter.
  • Denise will send information to the school.
  • Timing is 12:30 to 4:00
  • Cecilia will get in touch with the artists and the poets.
  • We will advertise in the paper as well as on FaceBook.
  • Outreach: Lorraine Ward, Riveredge Denise will see to them, Coffee Pot Cathy, Tammy Quinn, Country Cottage, Denise will do the Bonnie Castle.
  • Chocolate is to arrive on Saturday a.m.
  • Clearly label the donations with who sent them and what they are made of.

Old business

  • Tom will be gone as of the last week in February, returning the end of April.
  • Doug Strough was asked to stop in and look at the cement floor in the children’s area. He said would come in and have a look, he is familiar with the floor. He anticipated he could fix it.

Security Cameras

  • Ceil has checked and it is legal for us to put cameras up as long as we have a sign that shows we have them. Suggestion to add cameras behind the desk and the checkout counter. Ceil requests that the audio not be on. We can install a couple of cameras now and add as we go along. A DVR that has an 8 camera capability, wireless cameras are not really reliable, wired is the go-to. We would leave the old wired system on at this end of the building.
  • We are paying STAT now $360 per year, we will continue to do so, their camera equipment is not very new. We will continue with theirs and the new system separately. The camera system is in-house.
  • For recording we can do a hard drive, the other option move to a Cloud based storage which would be a monthly or annual costs. The person who would have the contact info can log in from home.

New Business

  • Info on replacement of boiler at the library: The system is 20 years old. It is old but still running, ideally not to be replaced in the winter.
  • We have a quote from Vapco. The suggestion is to postpone the work until 2022 and get a NYS construction grant. We would include an on-demand generator and a propane tank. Ceil will gather info and pass on to Chris who will work on the grant. Ceil will find out the grant requirements.

Staff Concerns

  • We have a conflict in having a Board member who is a paid employee of the library. Conversation follows on how to resolve the issue.
  • Suggestion is to call Gene and get his opinion.

Board Concerns

  • Cecilia Thompson and Georgia Weathers are up for library term renewal

Ann moves to renew their terms, Rich seconds, all are in favor

Denise moves to adjourn, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library Minutes

March 31, 2020

Meeting via teleconference during Covid-19 Virus outbreak

Present: Tom Mitchell , Steve Burns, , Tom Estes, Ann Ward, Georgia Weathers, Chris Vaphiadis, Rich Leclerc, Ceil Cunningham (library director).

Absent: Georgia Weathers, Chris Vaphiadis, Darden MacWade, Denise Haddock (HFY)

Meeting opens at 7:05 p.m.

Closing of the Library

  • Discussion follows

Ann Ward moves, be it resolved that the Board of Macsherry library has voted to close the library during the covid-19 pandemic virus, Tom Estes seconds, no one opposes, all are in favor. Public comment has been solicited and no response has been received by this date of 31st March, 2020.

Golf Tournament

  • Discussion follows on cancelling the 2020 Golf Tournament, planned for June 6, 2020, due to present circumstances.

Ann Ward moves that we cancel the 2020 Golf Tournament, Steve Burns seconds, the following votes are recorded: Ann Ward yes, Steve Burns yes, Tom Estes yes, Rich Leclerc yes, Cecilia Thompson yes. All are in favor.

Dining Out Card

  • Discussion follows on the viability of continuing with the Dining Out Card for 2020

Steve Burns moves to cancel the Dining Out Card for 2020 in consideration of present circumstances that are affecting local restaurants, Ann Ward seconds, no one opposes, all are in favor.


  • Ceil Cunningham will approach the Village and send a letter to the Town regarding approved funds for the library.
  • The library will continue with staff payroll and paying monthly bills.

April’s monthly Board meeting will be held via conference call on April 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Ann Ward moves we adjourn, meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

April 8,2020


Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers,  Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson,

Chris Vaphiadis, Tom Mitchell, Rich Leclerc and Ceil Cunningham, Keely Prophet.

Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth

Absent: Darden MacWade

Meeting begins at 7:05


  • Minutes were sent via email and reviewed, change of date is noted.

Ann moves to accept minutes as amended, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.


  • Ceil advises of financial status.
  • Discussion on continuing to pay salaries during the Corona Virus shutdown of the library.
  • Bills to be paid are discussed.

Ann moves to continue paying staff salaries, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

Ann moves to pay the bills, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Old Business

  • Denise advises the little libraries continue to be supplied with books. Each book is wiped down to ensure no transmission of the virus. The little libraries are being used. Keeley and Denise share duties of checking throughout the week.
  • Ceil will get in touch with the Village and the Town to ask about where things stand on the funding that has been approved.

New Business

  • Conversation on steps to reopen the library. All agree a plexiglass screen should be installed at the circulation desk. A protocol will be instated to ensure all books coming in will be wiped down.
  • Ceil will look into possible grant monies to cover payroll and lost revenue.

Ann moves to adjourn meeting, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Meeting is adjourned at 8:30

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Library Board Meeting

May 13, 2020

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson,

Chris Vaphiadis, Tom Mitchell, Rich Leclerc and Ceil Cunningham, Keeley Prophet.

Absent: Darden MacWade, Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth


  • The minutes were sent via email for all to review.

Ann moves to accept, Georgia seconds, all are in favor

Financial report

  • Account statement was sent for review some attachments were missing, discussion follows. Both monies from town and the village are in, the normal amount expected was received.
  • Ceil is asked to re-send account statements via email.

Steve moves we approve, second Ann, all are in favor


  • Update on the Little Library. Keeley went today, a patron came by at the same time and was very thankful for having the Little Library accessible.
  • The Little Library  at the main library is the shed donated by Mr Macsherryand is in  front of the two front doors. We might be lacking in large print books, but it is kept supplied.
  • HFY will take over the summer reading program, hoping to partner with the library for money for supplies. Cindy Tidd is retiring for Alex Bay school librarian, they asked Denise to take it over and the school might supply some funding.


  • There was a Zoom oil painting class on Monday where there were 15 or 16 people in attendance. Last month Zoom book club had 14 people, for the next book club the author will take part in the Zoom meeting and will take part this coming month as well, May 28th.
  • 3 story hours a week which are on both FB page for Macsherry library and HFY FB page. Garden Zoom meeting with Mr Campany had 15 people in attendance.
  • Ceil wondered if we could have Zoom guitar lessons, it is very possible. Steve might need some equipment might be needed to for the guitar. Participants could possibly meet outside the library, maybe in the parking lot 6 feet apart.
  • HFY story hour and Harry Potter Trivia night, two kids for Ottawa participated. And the Story hour also has participant from Utica.  Mother’s Day view had 160 views on that video. Kerry Weldon has been doing cooking classes her boys are recording.

Closure update

  • Curb side pickup is the focus, for now.
  • Pandemic policy is that we will open when it is allowed. The policy will be sent to us and we will use parts of it and change some. It includes hours that we will be open, 30 hours week. Staff regulations, what if a staff will not wear a mask for example. For the pubic, no mask, no entry.
  • Where do we stand with May 15th date for reopening? For now, we will follow the guidelines which is to do curb side pickup. We will have a table blocking the door with a greeter on the front lines wearing a mask and face shield and gloves. 
  • The delivery of books will be done to a table outside, we will wait until NCLS opens the catalog. As far as opening fully it would be when Governor Cuomo says we can open, could be the first of July. Libraryopening would be on the second phase of opening.
  • We might have a couple of evening hours; we should purchase a bug zapper to accommodate folks working out the front door.

Air filtration and air handling

  • Library presently has recirculating air system which is not great. We have a HRV( heat recovery ventilation) system in the library, but it isn’t working correctly. It could be repaired, and we can add a uv light into the duck work so that when it circulates it purifies the air. Chris will look into this; the work could be done while the library is closed. In a commercial building the air should be changed 6 to 10 times an hour. This has a heat exchanger, so not blowing cold air in the building. Chris will look into it and give us an estimate. Toe replace the unit it would be north of $3500.
  • Chris will look at the wiring up in ceiling in the lady’s room.

Sterilizing Books

  • The suggestion is to consider an Electrostatic applicator which emits a fine mist to sterilize the outside of the books. The books are now wiped with Clorox wipes now. Discussion follows, the virus lives on the books 3 days. We will quarantine books for 3 days when they come back. Ceil is on the safety committee at NCLS.
  • The library could possibly borrow one from the Ship Motel or from Bay House Artisans. This might be a way to test to see if effective until we can look at buying one down the road. We will investigate seeing how the books handle it.
  • Also, we should consider investigating an ultraviolet system.

Federal Loan i

  • If we needed money, we could investigate a Federal loan but we are ok for now.

Blue Grass

  • Georgia would like to find a place in the next month or so, to practice, jam, could the library lawn be used? We must check NYS law, for usage of library grounds.

Staff concerns

  • We should purchase a bug zapper to help the staff during nighttime outdoor work. Instead of bug zapper, what about an air door or a fan that mounts over a door, effective at keeping bugs out. Price comparison on both would be a good idea.
  • Dining Out Card, the Library should draft a letter to various places stating we are postponing until next year. Cecilia will do the letter.


  • Ann will draft a letter with a similar theme, that we are thinking of you.


Ann moves we adjourn, Steve seconds, all agree, we adjourn at 7:45

Macsherry Library Board meeting

June 6, 2020

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Tom Mitchell, Rich Leclerc, Darden MacWade, Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth and Ceil Cunningham library director.

Absent: Chris Vaphiadis, Keely Prophet.


  • The minutes are reviewed

Ann moves to approve the minutes, Steve seconds, all are in favor

Financial Report

  • Bullet Aid we are not sure if we will receive it this year. FML contributions are down understandably.
  • Income from fines and copying are all down.
  • There is an anomaly, wages are up, this may or may not be the case, Ceil will investigate and let us know.
  • The report shows that the DNO was paid twice, we did not, probably an entry error.
  • NCLS shows automation costs, the bill is for the whole year and we think we paid a third, to be investigated.
  • Also, the NG bill, Ceil will investigate.
  • Balance in the bank account is reviewed.

Ann moves to approve the financials with Ceil pursuing questions and send and email out to that effect, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

  • Bills to be paid are reviewed.

Ann moves we pay the bills, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Opening of the library

  • The library is not be open Friday and Sat, but employees are there from 10 to 1:00 answering phones, filling in requests, getting ready for Monday pickups. There is a full list of items to be picked up.
  • The table in the lobby is going to be used for picking up. The books will be checked out and put on the table. Walkie talkies from Tom M will be loaned to the library.
  • We will open, first hour will be Ceil, a mask and face shield will be used, starting this Monday at 9:00 a.m. 3 staff will be on until we figure things out. Thursday and Friday, you cannot pick up books staff will be there to answer the phones etc. There is an ad is in the paper this week on page 4 with an update on hours etc. The big sign out front shows the hours and days.
  • A new sign is discussed, possibly getting a new one when things get back to normal
  • On opening day, the returned books went in a box, the box is on a dolly, the books stay 3 days in that box. Next day a new box is used, and those books go back for 3 days. After three days the books go back on the shelves in the library.
  • The little library will be available when the library is closed.


  • A separate letter to members is not needed. Ceil will do a draft including parts of the letter to “library supporter” that Cecilia drafted. The FML letter will be sent to Ann for review.

Blue Grass

  • A suggestion that jamming could be outside in the parking lot, 6 feet apart. Ceil says fine. The suggestion is on Monday night when the library is closed. The parking lot area where the municipal parking lot is can be used. They have to use their own chairs.

Little library

  • It has had a kit included with the books which was received from the Salvation Army, Denise will get in touch with the SA to see if they could send more kits. The kit includes necessities.

New Business

  • There are policies that are kept on file at the library including the Corona Virus re opening policy and the Infectious disease policy. These were sent to all for review. We are opening a dialogue on curbside pick- up policy.

Steve moves that it be resolved that Macsherry library board approves the infectious disease policy at the board meeting on June 6 at 7:23, , Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

Steve moves that it be resolved that the Macsherry library board approve the Emergency closing policy

Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

  • Curbside pickup policy, how they will request materials, how they will pick up, safety of materials. It does not cover an infected person in the library, to address this issue we will let the books sit for a few days and move them into place from there. Spraying on paper Ceil will ask dept of state the archive people, should we need it.
  • The library staff are incapable of cleaning all the surfaces.

Tom E moves that it be resolved that the Macsherry library board approves the curb side pickup policy, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

  • We will investigate tape that will stay on concrete; Gorilla tape is the suggestion. Ceil will check Garlock’s. Tom has a no-touch hand sanitizer machine that he will bring to the library when we open.
  • Bug zapper has arrived. It will be out front. There will also be a fan inside to blow air out, this might keep the bugs away and possibly any germs. The staff will be running in and out the inside door, the outside door will be left open. A mesh door with a magnetic closure is also mentioned as an option.

Staff concerns

  • None currently
  • Tom M stopped in the library and he saw everyone at a distance.

Board concerns

  • The Book Sale we will work on ways to restage the sale.  Possibly one person could work by the gallery doors and use the walkie talkies to manage the flow of people and keep it down to 5 people at a time. Everyone must have gloves and a mask to enter the library.
  • A question on book donations are we accepting them? Yes, but only when we open.
  • We will be moving a laptop out front in case someone needs for look up something on our inventory, it would have to be moved over to wi-fi.
  • If someone wants to come to the library to fill out their Census, they could do it this way with the ldap top outdoors. It would be wiped it down after each use.
  • Voter registration papers are available out front all the time.
  • Georgia suggests a photo/picture of the procedure for pick up and what we are doing for curbside pickup. This would be to inform the public of the procedures. Georgia will call Ceil to let her know her thoughts on this. An add will be placed in the TI Sun with the procedures.
  • Picture of the new books is suggested to send to the TI Sun.
  • 5 or 6 cars are often in our parking lot using our internet, wi-fi. Some are sitting on cushions etc outdoors, a photo of this would be great for the paper.


  • Reading program: in July for the summer program, virtual story time is every Tuesday, Kary Weldon is doing a Zoom book club, then there is a Zoom story time. Teen and tweens are being asked to critique a book and the TI Sun will be used as the platform. The school is also getting the info out on story time and the book to be read for critique.

We adjourn at 7:44

Ann ward moves we adjourn, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library July 8, 2020


Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Tom Mitchell, Rich Leclerc, Chris Vaphiadis ,Ceil Cunningham library director.

Absent: Keeley Prophete, Denise Haddock, Darden MacWade


  • The minutes were sent via email and reviewed, and adjusted minute was resent for all to review.

Georgia moves to accept the adjusted minutes, seconded by Steve, all are in favor.

Financial report

  • Last month’s report had a few numbers that have been adjusted NG is now correct, we had a $94 bill last month which is unusual and good news. The DNO was paid twice, they have sent us a check for extra $1800. There is a change in employee wages, it seems to be up, Ceil believes it is a Quick Books issue with where  wages characterized. The number was placed in a slot off our chart of accounts, estimate is about $2,200
  • Ceil recommends eliminating the Capital account, money sits there and we don’t do anything with it.

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • There are two payments for taxes, that is because online Ceil paid the wrong amount. The $67 is the check she will be sending.
  • NCLS we owe an amount for the year we will pay them.
  • $400 is for labor for the sneeze guard, total cost is $532.

Tom E moves to pay the bills, Chris seconds, all are in favor.

Opening of the library

  • Ceil was in a meting today with 44 others, the tendency is not to open at this time. We will wait to see what turn the virus takes and take it from there. We will wait a couple of weeks and see if it stabilizes. There is no rush on our part. Some of our patrons are anxious for us to open. For printing we have sent them to the UPS store. Those that enjoy browsing the books are the ones that are missing out.
  • The Tops Group can come in to get weighed and then walk back out the door.  All have to have masks. There will not be any meetings,  but they can be weighed. Georgia will let Ceil know of the group’s decision.
  • NCLS meeting today with Ceil in attendance virtually. The book handling is done with 3 boxes being used as planned. Each box shows day 1, day 2 and day 3. The boxes sit for three days and then they are checked in. There was not much interest in letting more people in.
  • Inter library loans are back to normal, folks can get books from other libraries. The books will be returned to NCLS and from there distributed to us.
  • The walkie talkies are being used and are working out, after a bit of learning curve.

Book Sale

  • A suggestion to include Guitar Night with the book sale. The players can spread themselves out. The book sale will fill the room and the guitar players will fill in around the room.
  • Book Sale is planned for July 25th , assuming the virus is manageable.


  • Dick Company will discuss wild animal food this Tuesday outside and it will be Zoomed. Ceil will put the info on the website. Tuesday 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.


  • Is losing money since State is not paying them their full fees. They will have to cut back on staff etc, and the solution is they are going to charge us more in fees, charge us for tech help (we don’t pay now).

Air Filtration

  • Ceil talked to Jason to put in a UV system. Malls are putting in Hepa filters, it has been said that they don’t work, the exact info no one knows right now. If the Hepa filters work, that would be a cheaper alternative. Chris is asked about his opinion on a UV system, we would need three for our different areas.

Construction Grant

  • The grant might be used to upgrade the air conditioning system? But we have to put down half and maybe all of the money before the grant monies could arrive. We decide in these circumstances to put off any large cost projects.

Curb side

  • Folks that show up are mostly locals, Ceil says there are many summer people. We should have a big donation jar on the table is the suggestion.

Direct Mail

  • Direct Mail in 3 weeks we will be working on envelop stuffing, We can have a group meeting as long as we stay 6 ft apart and are all wearing masks. Ceil will send the draft on the letter for Direct Mail, staff will write it up and send on to the Board for review.

Meeting ends at 7:41

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library Board Minutes

Teleconference August 12,2020

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Cecilia Thompson,

and Ceil Cunningham

Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth

Absent Ann Ward, Chris Vaphiadis


  • A sentence in the minutes is to be removed and some grammar corrections are noted.

Steve moves to accept the minutes as amended, Darden seconds, all agree


  • After we pay the bills Ceil gives us the total that is the bank, no money coming in until November, but there might be monies in September from the direct mail.
  • We might have to get in touch with Greg to transfer funds since fund raising is down, we might have to go that route for now.

Steve moves to approve the financial report, Darden seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • A bill for the locksmith of $230, he replaced the lock on the book drop.
  • There is an outstanding bill from NCLS for $2,000 we are paying it down, we paid $500.
  • A new laptop computer has been ordered. We can only have two people in the computer room when following the Covid rules and we need one with a built-in camera. It will be a Dell. They (NCLS) said to change over to Windows 365, it’s an online program, collaboration, not something we need. We will order standard Microsoft Office.

Motion to pay the bills by Darden, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Update on the library system and inter library loans

  • The directors meeting is next Wednesday with NCLS. Half of the meeting is typically spent on reopening. Those that are open will advise on what they are doing. Less than 10 libraries are open now. Recommendation from the State is that it is up the individual library. We are getting a fair amount of questions on when we will be fully open.
  • A used laptop will be coming from NCLS and will be made available for public. After the directors meeting, the following week they are having another meeting on re-opening.
  • Conversation follows on wearing masks.
  • We might need to consider purchasing a UV system or possibly a HEPA filter.
  • If we open our library, we will have to ensure that no one sits on the soft furnishing. Seating on wooden chairs is allowed. Once they leave the chair it would have to be washed. For the bathroom if they use it, it will have to be cleaned as well. We could consider giving the patrons gloves and that means the surfaces they touch would not need to be washed. The consensus is that no seating be supplied, and the bathroom should not be available.
  • We could do appointments which is what Clayton is doing.

Book Sale

Allowing only 5 people inside at a time has left many waiting outside, some have left rather than wait.

New Business

  • Two more NCLS meetings are planned for this month. Tom will attend, next Wednesday at 3:00 and Ceil will be there as well (via teleconference).
  • School is opening up (Alexandria Central) and on their website the whole plan is there.
  • Denise has a Zoom meeting with Angela Newman, head of youth services. There was a previous meeting with public and school libraries on how everyone could collaborate and work together. Public libraries, there are only two that are open to the public, most are doing curb side and by appointment. The public libraries can help kids who don’t have internet access.

Meeting adjourns at 8:00

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library Board Meeting

Teleconference Sept 9, 2020

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Cecilia Thompson, Chris Vaphiadis, Darden, Rich Leclerc, Georgia Weathers and Ceil Cunningham.

Absent: Tom Estes, Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth


  • The minutes were sent via email
  • Change two things; laptop maybe coming from NCLS and only a few public libraries are open, not two. Rich was not there. Darden was absent

Tom E moves to accept the minutes as amended, Steve seconds, all in favor,

Darden abstains since he was not present.

Library Opening

  • Conversation follows on opening the library. Possibly installing a U V light system, Christ advises a Halo System is effective, the price is around $550. We would need 3.

Steve moves to preauthorize Chris to get one unit and if possible three, Rich seconds, all are in favor.

  • We will have to move operations inside since the weather is changing and open the computer room. For opening the computer room, the suggestion is to limit the numbers.
  • We will continue to play it safe.
  • Opening this winter, we will have to wait and see how things go. See how the cases go in Jefferson County. We will revisit the issue in October.
  • For access to the library going forward, the meeting room, the space in front of the bathroom and stretch into the reading room should be blocked off, to limit access to the soft furnishings.


  • Ceil gives us an update on where our bank account balance stands, it is the same as past years.
  • Local funding is the same as well. Our funding is down, we have taken in $43,000 and that compares with $71,000 last year.
  • Expenses review – payroll is constant, expense for heat and electric is down.
  • Good response to the direct mail but we are down $25,000 currently.
  • We have withdrawn monies from the investment account, and we might need to do so again for the upcoming month.
  • Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Macsherry for the funds we now have that are keeping us up and running.

Georgia moves to accept the financial report, Darden seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • National Grid bills are reviewed.
  • For the router, we think we owe them $2,012 since they did not deduct the payment of $500 from last month.

Steve moves to pay the bills, Rich seconds, all are in favor.

Book Sale

  • The outside gallery door has been left open during the warm weather for the colder weather we will have to close the door. The door is having issues. The locksmith will be called to see to the lock.
  • The book sale will continue. There was only one day where more than 5 people showed up. There has been an ad placed in the newspaper which says you no longer needing reservations.
  • Sign out front indicates the book sale and it is also on FB.
  • Tom says ok to put add in again for the book sale.

Board Concerns

  • We have another month’s grace from NCLS to have Board Meetings via teleconference. We can meet next month if everyone agrees, we can set up a bigger table and sit further apart.

All agree to meet in October, face to face.

Staff Concerns

  • The NCLS meeting is this coming Monday, Ceil will find out the information on which library will be open and which is not.
  • Ceil reviews our employment situation, we are understaffed until November. We do have subs available from NCLS. Tom knows someone that could also help. It is the automation system that is the issue, it will take months to bring someone up to speed. Shortened hours are going to be kept for a while.
  • We no longer have the traffic of computer usage as we used to. We have a couple of kids that are using our computers regularly. Kids that are doing virtual schooling, but we think the school might be providing hotspots (which has not happened yet). Assignments on-line means they might be in our parking lot to have access to internet.
  • The Tops group mailed a check to the library. They could go in and weigh themselves, they have pulled back but that might change.
  • If someone doesn’t want to come in and meet face to face, then via telephone would be the backup.

At 8:00 Georgia moves to adjourn, Darden seconds, all are in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Library Board Meeting Oct 14, 2020

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Cecilia Thompson, Chris Vaphiadis, Rich Leclerc, Georgia Weathers and Ceil Cunningham,  Keeley Prothete

Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth

Absent: Darden MacWade



  • Library opening, second point, we will have to move things inside, requirement is to limit the numbers to allow 6 foot spacing.
  • Under financials, cross out bank statement is the same as last year.
  • Library opening, top line, UV light system, “Christ” advises, should be “Chris”
  • Bills to be paid – not for the router, we owe NCLS $2,012 a balance (no credit for the $500)

Georgia moves to accept the amended minutes, seconded by Steve, all are in favor.


  • Bank accounts are reviewed, the school ballot monies have arrived early this year, after October 1st.
  • The retirement fund is reviewed.
  • Direct Mail, we are doing better than last year. Summer book sale revenue is down.
  • Suggestion is to continue the book sale and to have a Xmas book sale as a fund raiser. The idea is discussed, the suggestion is to place an ad in the paper promoting the Xmas book sale.

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • Down at the bottom of the page, unemployment insurance has sent a bill, Ceil called them regarding Lu-Ann’s payment. The amount that we will have to pay out is discussed. Ceil will be calling them to discuss the statement they sent. Ceil finds the amount to high.
  • Fuel oil bill is low? Nothing unusual

Georgia moves to accept the bills to pay, seconded by Steve, all are in favor.


  • Barricade tape will be used to direct access to new books, computer room, dvds and audios
  • We are now quarantining books for 4 days. Discussion follows on safety and dealing with books. An idea is to use the stacked chairs that can be wiped off. We have a gallon of alcohol for wiping down the chairs. There is enough cleaning solution for 3 months. Tom has wipes and will drop them off to be used for cleaning as well. There is a disinfectant sprayer available if we need it.
  • Still talking about having clients were gloves when they come into the library at this point. We have keyboard covers.
  • If we will hold next month’s meeting in the library, the reading room would be better since the ceilings are higher. We suspect no board meetings in person will be the directive.


  • The boiler has been all tuned up, nozzle etc. and we should be good to go for the time being. The air that is being circulated, more air will be pulled from the outside, it is being exchanged now. Chris will modify the cycle. 6 hours of run time a day, but the spacing set up will be adjusted to be more consistent. Chris has a better idea how the UV light system will be installed. They UV lights are on site and he plans to get them installed next week.
  • For the gallery to use the UV light, the fan would have to be manually run. This one is up on the roof so not good since you are circulating cold air, not good to run it in the winter. An air purifier is discussed for the gallery, a stand alone one. Most of the air will be filtered through the UV system.


  • The Tops group has been meeting at the library, they go in one at a time to be weighed and then they meet at the fire hall and social distance.


  • Linda Toomey continues to work with the Friends group. This winter the staff might create a proper data base of those Friends members that have contributed to the Friends Group.

Hearts for youth

  • Doing story time live. Denise will email Ceil with the information. It will be done either at the Village office or the Methodist Church space.


  • NCLS had a website trainer who has since moved on and never gave them the password. This means we will have to replace our Website. Word Press is the go-to currently. Should anyone have a better “header” than the one that is there now, then let Ceil know. If not, then we will take a picture in the spring of the library and possibly use that. Template driven website is what is being suggested.

Meeting adjourns at 7:51

Georgia moves to adjourn the meeting, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

Teleconference Board Meeting

November 11, 2020

Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Cecilia Thompson, Chris Vaphiadis, Rich Leclerc, Georgia Weathers and Ceil Cunningham.

Absent: Keeley Prothete, Darden MacWade, Denise Haddock as a non-voting member Ex officio, representing Hearts for Youth


Email was sent with changes to minutes.All saw the email, changes are detailed:

Georgia moves to accept amended minutes, Steve seconds, all are in favor


  • The Capital Fund account will be closed out and the funds will be spent on a UV system.
  • On the first page of the financials, we are down $15,000 in our fund raising totals, also fines, printing is down.
  • Ceil cancelled the ordering of periodicals. Payroll number seem to be off and the federal tax withheld. We are showing less payroll and paying more fed tax. Something might have been entered twice.
  • Our net income is down but we did have a return on our investment and the monies will be placed in the operating funds. We will see about the retirement fund at a later date.

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Chris seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • The withholding payment has been reduced, everything else is standard.

Tom E moves to pay the bills, Georgia seconds, all are in favor


  • September 30th report from NNY community foundation was sent to Tom E
  • The balance is reported to the Board. Quarterly reports are sent to Tom E. The suggestion is to make copies that will be kept in the library.

UV system

  • Installation started today. Main room will be the priority and the other two rooms will be in place as time goes on.

Direct Mail

  • We are up this year by $1700.

Book Sale

  • Up to this point the book sale is down.
  • Dave Richardson will be giving us his books.
  • We have a lot of nonfiction. Signs will be placed out by the road.
  • The book sale started on the first and has been going ever since. It opens every morning.

Short Executive session at 7:35. Executive session ends at 7:45.

Soft opening

  • Not all the staff are happy about the opening. We will see about the spike in cases. If the spike continues then we will wait for the UV system to be installed. Ceil feels we will be safe.
  • Plans are to have the circ desk area to be open and the audio books area. 6 feet distancing will be measured out, 3 people will be allowed in at a time. 4 people in the computer room at a time. The rest of the library will be taped off. Only these designated areas will be open to the public. Another shelf will be out in the lobby with new books, new magazines.
  • If someone wants to go to the Book Sale, the staff will walk them through.
  • Ceil will run an ad in the TI Sun.


  • Tops can’t use the fire hall due to the recent uptick in cases. Having a meeting in the library is not an option right now, but the suggestion is to consider having a conference call. They would have to dial-in and everyone would stay safe.


  • Sue is doing well at the library, when Cathy comes back then Sue will leave until we need someone, at which point Sue will come back. Cindy’s back is doing better.
  • Keeley’s family seems to be doing well.

Board Concerns

  • Question on the masonry work. Pointing of the posts that hold up the canopy and the area at the base is open and water is getting in. Mortar must be fixed. Sam Hershberger is the person to contact the work could be done in spring/summer 2021. Rich will talk to Sam and we will see.

Meeting adjourns at 7:32

Motion to adjourn, Rich moves, Georgia seconds, all are in favor

Macsherry Library Teleconference Meeting

December 9, 2020

Present: Tom Mitchell, Tom Estes, Steve Burns, Keeley Prophete, Ceil, Rich Leclerc, Denise, Cecilia, Georgia

Absent: Darden and Chris

Meeting begins 7:10


  • Minutes were sent to all via email.
  • The following changes are noted in the financials: The ordering of “most” periodicals has been cancelled; return on investment and “needed’ monies will be added

Georgia moves to accept the minutes as amended, Steve Seconds, all are in favor

Financial report

  • Our bank balance is in good shape and we are able to pay the upcoming bills.
  • We will be receiving an LSA funding and it will probably be the same amount as last year.
  • One of the “Designated donations” in the report is really monies from petty cash, it is showing as designated donations as a place holder.
  • As per the report, D & O Insurance shows as a double payment which was the case. The insurance company has returned the money.
  • Our revenue is down compared to last year.
  • Direct mail is up
  • Revenue from FML is less than last year. Losing Ann as committee chair might be a cause for the diminished return.
  • The bills are reviewed
  • In January we will have to consider our budget and discuss how bleak our prospects are for 2021. Most feel that Covid-19 will be with us for part of 2021 and we will have to plan for it. We will have to consider that all in- person fund raisers will not be happening in 2021. Once Ceil sends Steve the end of the year numbers he will start working on it.

Steve moves to accept the financials, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

Steve moves to pay the bills, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.

Book Sale

  • We are $200 away from 2019 monies raised. The book sale was held over 6 months this year. The book sale in 2021 could be expanded to include yarn from the knitting group, donation of crafts. These items could be included in the book sale and might be a method for additional revenue.
  • All staff are wearing gloves and wearing masks. Up to this point the public has not been escorted through the library to the book sale, they are using the other door. With the winter setting in we will walk the public through to the gallery.

Direct Mail

  • A question arises on if we should we run a thank you ad in the TI Sun. All agree it would be a good idea. A suggestion to include that we deeply appreciate the support of the community.
  • Steve will see to it and Ceil will also run an ad for the book sale.

UV system

  • The AC unit over the gallery room is on the roof as well as the UV light system, they will be looked at this spring. All the other UV systems are installed, and the winter air circulation is working. The main room and over the reading room has the UV system working as well. A question arises on how often the air is exchanged? Anytime the air is moving, the air is being cleaned. Ceil asks what is the time frame for how often the air is being cleaned?  Chris is the one who has these answers, and we will find out at the next meeting.

Curbside/pandemic plan

  • People are coming into the lobby to get their books. There are fewer people that come to the library at this time. It is working out fine that they come to the lobby to drop off and get their books. Since there is an uptick in cases, we will continue with using the lobby.
  • The staff have all agreed to cut back their hours, all are working 3 days a week now. Payroll will be reduced, opening hours of the library are 30 hours a week.


  • We anticipate that the book sale and maybe the Xmas Craft Show will be our only in person events.
  • We could do an online auction like the Rotary Club has done. The concern is we don’t want to approach our local businesses for donations since their revenue might be down. It is mentioned that downtown business sales were good in 2020.
  • Profit and Loss for 2019 is discussed.

Xmas Cards

  • Singing the Xmas cards can’t be done in person this year. The Staff signed the cards and included a note Steve wrote  thanking everyone for their support this year. Never hurts to say thank you.
  • Xmas cards will go out this week. The addresses were personally written out.

Georgia moves to adjourn at 7:36, Tom seconds