2019 Board meeting minutes.

Macsherry Library minutes

January 9th, 2019

Present: Tom M, Steve Burns, Tom Estes, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Ceil Cunningham, Harriet Burris. Amanda via telephone

Absent Darden MacWade, Carol Rectenwald, Georgia Weathers

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm


Minutes are reviewed

Ann moves we approve the minutes, seconded by Steve B, all are in favor


The financials are reviewed, funding is discussed. We are going to go to the school ballot for $20,000. Vote is in May and the petition will be in place shortly.

Rich Leclerc will help on this project.

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Harriet seconds, all are in favor.

The bills are reviewed

Steve moves that the bills be paid, Steve seconds, all are in favor.

Greg Couch

Tom spoke to him, discussion follows on the portfolio.

Ann asks that we get a report from Northern New York Community Foundation on where the investment stands. Tom E will work on this.

Friends of Macsherry Library Committee

The committee met and Ann submits a report.

A brochure will be produced to be left at the front desk with  goal of increasing our membership. We would like to have a FMLS page on the website. Post card will be created to be sent to the members for each of our 5 events. Also going forward having a display in the library of the different events in the library.

Blue Grass

Georgia is not present. There were 37 in attendance at the January open Mic.

Fort Drum Band

They will be here February 2nd. A woodwind sextet.

Library Programs

Nothing to report


The proposed budget for 2019 is presented and reviewed

The price of postage stamps will be going up in January, the suggestion is to purchase Forever stamps now. We use 1200 for the direct mail campaign alone.

Harriet moves that we buy 1500 Forever stamps before January 27th, Amanda seconds, all are in favor.

Ann moves that we accept the proposed budget, Harriet seconds, all are in favor.

Heart of Winter

The date is February 9th from 12:30 to 4:00

Posters Steve will see to, PSA’s Ceil will do, Cecilia will contact the artists, and the paperwork Cecilia will forward to all. Harriet will get in touch with bakers/restaurants. Steve will ask Sue-Ryn if she can contact the writers.

We will hang the work on February 6th

February 4th is deadline for written work and art work to display. We might skip the raffles/door prizes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library Minutes

March 20, 2019

Present: Steve Burns, Rich Leclerc, Dean, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Ceil Cunningham, Georgia Weathers

Absent: Tom Estes, Tom Mitchell, Amanda Rydberg

Meeting is called to order at 7:05


Ann moves that the minutes of the last meeting be approved, Georgia seconds, all approve.

School Ballot

Dean has volunteered to attend the meeting. Meeting is Tuesday the 26th

Financial Report

The report is reviewed.

Ann moves to accept the financial report, Dean seconded, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

Bills were approved to be paid via email agreement

Greg Couch

He suggested he would come to a meeting in May or June when all the Board will be present

Macsherry Card

Steve will send the list from last year


Barb Hearns – will be recreating a “please join” card and they will be ready early next week. They will be sent out to those who might be interested in joining FML. Also, Barb will be working on a rack card that will be at the desk in the library. Molly has some friends who might be interested in joining.

Blue Grass

All went well a very enjoyable evening. Approximately 20 people were in attendance.

Library program report

Not as busy this month, Donna Hammond has been ill and classes had to be cancelled.

Movies are now on Thursday with pot luck, last one was attended by about 20. The next movie is “Green Book”.

Policy Change

We voted on the approval via email

Old Business

Heart of Winter, went well, good representation of chocolate. It was a stormy day. A recommendation to have more people don’t do on the same day as the chili cook off in Watertown

New Business

Harriet Burris has sent an email notifying the Board that she is resigning due to other volunteer commitments. She is happy to volunteer and help us out.

All wish to thank Harriet for her time and dedication to the Board.

Rich moves to accept the resignation with regret, Georgia seconds, all are in favor

Staff Concerns

Cindy offered a thank you to the Board for all their good wishes.

Board Concerns


Meeting adjourns at 7:46

Respectfully submitted Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

Minutes April 10, 2019

Present: Steve Burns, Rich Leclerc, Amanda Rydberg, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Dean Honeywell, Cecilia Thompson and Ceil Cunningham

Absent: Tom Mitchell


The library staff made changes to the minutes, the spelling of Barb Hearn’s name.

Ann moves to accept the minutes as amended, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.


The financial report is reviewed.

Updated QB software has been purchased.

Repairs are up due to air conditioning work. No questions from the Board

Village and town monies should be in by the end of the month.

Tom E gives an update on NNY Community Fund

Amanda moves to approve the finances, Ann W seconds, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

The bills are reviewed.

Printing for cards for FLM was done on minimal cost by TI Printing

Amanda moves to pay the bills, Georgia seconds, all are in favor

Greg Couch we are waiting for all other Board members to be back and he will then come in, possibly in May or June. Suggestion is to wait for Molly and Darden to be in town.

Macsherry Card

Steve reviews the list. April 30 is the deadline

School Ballot

All went well, Dean attended the meeting.

Friends report

Barb Hearns working on the rack card that will be displayed on the front circ desk. Ceil offers if she needs anything the staff can help.

Blue Grass report

Had an interesting session, many singers, same number of people turned out.

A lady in the audience stood up to sing and did well.

Library programs report

29 people in attendance for “movie and pot luck” night which was a record. The movie “Green Book” was a big draw.

Our painting classes attendance are maxed out, sewing classes are also full. We are doing well attracting people to the classes

New Business

Chamber of Commerce, we have an ad in the Chamber of Commerce book, a discussion follows of the value of having the ad. Dues for the Chamber are coming up, a discussion on the value of the ad versus the dues. The email that is sent with membership might be enough in promoting the library and programs.

Claire Dunlap is executive director and she will put any info we have in the email that goes out to everyone, give it to her two weeks before the event. This is at no cost, included with the membership.

Dean moves to not renew the ad but to only pay for the membership next year, Amanda seconds, all are in favor.

Old Business

Silent Auction

July 19th is the date, we should start thinking about donations now.

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament should be in the Vacationer and the Watertown times.  Tom E will  see if Dick Stockton will attend the Tournament and if not promote the event. Andrea P is helping with advertising.

John Cook

Appreciation from Steve for the kind words from the Board and the card to his wife Judy.

Ann moves we adjourn Amanda seconds all are in favor, 7:52

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

May 8, 2019

Present Steve Burns, Georgia Weathers, Dean, Tom Mitchell, Carol Recktenwald, Amanda Rydberg, Tom Estes, Tom Mitchell, Ceil Cuningham

Absent: Ann Ward, Rich Leclerc

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Golf Tournament

Amanda has checked with Tom Penn and all is set. The hot dogs Amanda will look after them. Paper products, donuts and hot dog buns are all set, donated by the Big M. The TI Club has given a donation of 4 passes with carts, a value of about $200. Amanda suggest we use this donation for the Silent Auction instead, the Distillery will also give a donation and that will go to the silent auction as well.

There is a new hole sponsor this year.


Minutes are reviewed

Georgia moves to approve the minutes, Dean seconds, all are in favor


Funding from the Village and Town monies are now in.

Fire Department donation is discussed.

The financials have gone to Grey & Grey in Canton, they are familiar with nonprofit version of Quick Books.

Expenses are reviewed.

Tom E moves that we send $100 donation to the fire department, Georgia seconds, all in favor.

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Dean seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

Bills to be paid are reviewed and it is noted that the National Grid bill is down

Dean moves we pay the bills, Steve seconds, all are in favor.


Ann sent an email update which is read by Steve. Barb Hearn is finalizing the rack card

Blue Grass report

Last Monday, good audience numbers, 16 musicians were there. It was a good evening.


All going well. The oil painting teacher Donna Hammond has donated her time and did a fund raiser for the “Odyssey of the Mind” Team.

“Dinner (pot luck) and a movie” is coming up

Macsherry Card

Steve gives us an update.

The last items for the card came in on Monday afternoon. Suggestion is to call this fall and ask those that are hard to reach, if they could ok submission this year for next year.

Hearts for Youth program

Kids sewing program is doing well, after school program and story time also doing well, 3 groups of kids playing chess were here this week. All very successful and well attended

Silent Auction

The date is July 19th , we should not wait until the last minute to get the items in and hang the pieces. If we can get things in early, it would be appreciated.

It is suggested we try and get a large item that could be placed outside, as a draw for the event.

Tom M will contact Glenn Sweet about a decoy donation.

Capitol Campaign

For the addition to the library we will wait for Molly and Darden to be back in town.

We are running out of space and we need storage. The new building will be leased to Hearts for Youth and that will cover the costs. We should consider expanding the gallery in the planning.

Staff concerns

Controls should be on any addition to the library since it won’t be constantly staffed.

Board concerns


New business


Old business


School ballot

The vote is the 21st of May

Staff concerns

We will be putting things out next week for the spring pick up, there will be copiers out there since it is too expensive to fix them and prohibitive to keeping them. A new one is much cheaper than fixing the old ones.

Looking for a person to go through the 3 boxes of donated books, Ceil will get them off the floor in the meantime.

We adjourn at 7:45

Georgia moves we adjourn and Dean seconds, all are in favor

Macsherry Library

Minutes July 20, 2019

Present: Ann, Tom E, Georgia, Dean, Carol, Cecilia, Tom M, Steve, Darden and Ceil

Absent: Rich Leclerc

Meeting called to order at 7:02


  • Minutes are handed out and reviewed.
  • Changes: for the Book Sale Saturday June 15th, Ceil could use staff and in addition if she needs volunteers. – remove the “not”. Staff concerns, State law “100” not “90”. Keeley held a sale for Hearts for Youth and took in around $1,000, this is not the library’s money it was held at the library but it was HFY’s money, change library to HFY.

Ann moves to accept the minutes as amended, Georgia seconds, all are in favor to approve the minutes as amended.


  • Question was raised at the last meeting regarding the water bill being so high, Ceil found that there was an electrical bill listed in Quick Books in with the water bill.
  • Regarding the monies we have taken in so far this year, the book sale revenue is almost identical to last year, the Macsherry card revenue is up slightly.
  • Office expense was higher due to including costs for toner purchases and  also monies for payroll updates from Intuit which was not a cost last year. Question on toner, if aftermarket toner is being purchased? The answer is yes.
  • Golf tournament monies were higher than last year with fewer people in attendance.
  • We are part of “Amazon Smile” when an order is put through you can chose Macsherry library for your donation.
  • We review actual finances

Ann moves we accept financial report, Steve seconds, all are in favor

Tom moves we approve the bills to be paid, Steve seconds, all are in favor.


  • Barb Hearn is no longer able to participate as a volunteer; Linda Toomey has agreed to take on the role. We will go over everything with Linda as soon as she gets back from her time away. The staff took over and sent out the initial letter asking for donations from the Friends. We need more revenue and more Friends; it is an uphill battle.
  • The letter to the Friends went out June 21st, responses are not in yet, but we hope several of the Friends attend next week for the silent auction.

Blue Grass

  • Excellent audience turnout, it was held in the reading room with new people in attendance. Nice assortment of musicians.

Library Programs

  • All are waiting for the wood burning class by Steve Jarvis. This is an adult class.

Book Sale

  • Monies raised is discussed, we have sold a fair number of books, but we have a long way to go.
  • We have 3 boxes of valuable old books, valuable because they could be sold at a high dollar value and are collectibles. Ceil will keep the high dollar value books aside, but the ones that are $50 or less Ceil will place them so they can be seen prominently.

Silent Auction

  • July 19th, is the date
  • We need donations from Route 12 from the bridge this way, Clayton to here and maybe Redwood to be covered.
  • We have a little over a week to collect as much as we can.
  • Curry Mansion is in.
  • Sing out front has to be changed from the Book Sale. Ad in the paper is in this week and one for next week will go in. Music is the same people as last year, Morning Sun, is the group.
  • Labels are in process, the bid sheets we will need, all the paraphernalia. Start set up on Wednesday, continue Thursday and finish on Friday. Darden will get the beverages. We have coolers in the back building.
  • Friday, Darden will be here


  • Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Macsherry Library
  • Resolution is made to Amend the Charter, the Board votes to amend the library charter allowing us to expand the membership to 15.

Ann moves that we accept the resolution as presented, Georgia seconds, accepted unanimously.

Staff concerns

  • None

Board concerns

  • Sexual Harassment training can be downloaded and viewed online.

Ann moves we adjourn the meeting, Tom E seconds all are in favor.

Meeting is adjourned at 7:57 pm

Macsherry Library minutes

September 11th, 2019

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Mitchell, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson

Ceil Cunningham, Rich Leclerc

Absent: Darden MacWade


  • The minutes are reviewed, a few changes are noted.

Ann moves to accept the minutes with corrections, Tom E, seconds all are in favor

Financial Report

  • Silent Auction numbers are reviewed and corrected. The Direct Mail, we have monies not deposited yet, we should match the numbers from last year.
  • All in the report looks standard.
  • Vapco came and put in a new controller, it had to be converted to synch up with Trane (part of the Vapco bill).

Steve moves to accept the financial report, Ann seconds, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

  • Bills to be paid are reviewed, there is nothing unusual in the report.
  • We review the funds in the bank account

Steve moves to pay the bills, Tom E seconds, all are in favor

The Northern New York Community Foundation and UBS

  • Balances are reviewed the numbers are up and looking positive as of July 31st.
  • UBS is also reviewed; things are also positive and the money for the retirement funding have been withdrawn.
  • We review the UBS documents that have been received.
  • We could have a conversation with RBC to talk about our investment strategies, see if we are balanced in our portfolio. We should have Greg Couch come back in the fall.


  • Ann spoke to Linda Toomey for an update. Our numbers are behind at this point compared to last year. We have not heard from everybody who is a current member, some people wait until the end of the year to donate. Linda will design the card that will be sent out to those that have not contributed this year. Linda will be leaving for a few weeks. The committee will meet on Linda’s return.
  • Rich will investigate contacting a possible “Friend”.

Blue Grass report

  • Ron Sinclair was there performing this month, everyone really enjoyed it. A few musicians go to Florida in the winter but that shouldn’t affect the winter months.
  • October 7th is the next Blue Grass.

Library programming

  • We will be offering Watercolor classes by Linda Palmer
  • Dinner and a movie, the movies are lined up and we should be able to do one a month. 11 people attended last time.
  • Quite possible later this fall we will start a new group for returning or starting guitar players, just an informal group.

Board Concerns

  • Dean Honeywell and Amanda Rydberg/Carol have left the Board.
  • Chris Vaphiadis is a suggestion for a new Board Member, Tom will get in touch, but the Board is to think of someone else as well.
  • Tom will also ask Denise Haddock if she could recommend someone or would she be interested in joining the Board.
  • Dreamer will allow us to raffle off the baby Afghan, we will sell tickets at craft show and raffle off at Heart of Winter in February.
  • The Christmas Holiday Craft Fair, no news right now.

Staff concerns

  • Children’s floor possibly replace it since it is in bad shape. We should look at the issue in March. To sand the concrete with a room full of books will require someone who knows what he is doing, is the suggestion. Someone good with masonry is who we will look towards. Mike Putnam is the suggestion to get in touch with.
  • Our trees outside are going to be clipped by Mr. Davis, so they don’t hang over the cars etc.

Tom moves to go into executive session, Ann seconds, all are in favor at 7:30 p.m

Steve moves, Ann seconds, we come out of executive session at 7:49 p.m, all agree.

Rich moves we adjourn, Georgia seconds, we adjourn at 7:50

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library


October 9th, 2019

Present: Steve Burns, Tom Mitchell, Tom Estes, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson, Chris Vaphiadis, Ceil Cunningham, Denise Haddock.

Absent: Georgia Weathers, Darden MacWade, Rich Leclerc

Meeting to order at 7:02 pm

Ann moves that it be resolved that we are going to increase our library board members to 11, and to accept Denise Haddock and Chris as new board members, Steve seconds, all are in favor.


  • The minutes are reviewed.

Ann moves to accept the minutes, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.

Financial Report

  • Some of the individual donations listed are in memory of June Ward.
  • Macsherry card underperformed this year, silent auction and book sale numbers are up. Discussion follows on keeping the Macsherry Card or not. The production of the card is difficult. The suggestion is to go out and approach everyone that was on the list now and ask them if they will be on the card next year.
  • Suggestion follow on ways to improve the Card. We should send out a letter on the value of the Card and place in a return card with a stamped envelope. Introduce a new menu or a new chef as an idea. Cecilia will compose the letter which will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Amazon Smile, discussion follows, suggestion to add Amazon Smile to our Website and Facebook.
  • Monies from School Ballot moneys and UBS will be coming in next month (UBS covers retirement). 

Ann moves we accept the financial report, Tom E seconds, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

  • The bills are reviewed
  • Water bill is lower.

Steve moves we pay the bills, Tom E seconds, all are in favor.


  • We have a list of members 82, we have received contributions from 22. Linda Toomey has developed a card that went out at the beginning of this week to all the people who have not contributed this year and we will wait to see if there is a response. Linda also made a long sign that will be used at all our events where the “Friends” will now man a table.
  • Rack cards are out and at the desk
  • In May 2020 we will send out the letter for the year. Again, is anyone has an idea of possible people to contact, please let Ann know.
  • We have a couple of new members
  • We are slightly down in contributions this year. Some contributions from last year were special and in memory of Mr Macsherry.
  • Businesses can contribute.
  • An event to celebrate the Friends is a suggestion. Maybe change how we invite them to the Silent Auction is another suggestion.

Blue Grass

  • We had 48 people last week, it was a big success.
  • The first Monday of the month is the jam session.
  • Dan Hammond, is someone it is suggested we should get in touch with. He could encourage some of his students possibly. Tom M will talk to Georgia.
  • We are losing some of our musicians.

Library Program Report

  • Thursday the 24th is the first Macsherry Library guitar night. The focus is for those that have not taken it up in years. The time frame is 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The press release has gone out.
  • JCC might come back and do a series on American Foreign Policy.
  • Programs are going great, Watercolor class has been successful, acrylic and oil. Dinner and a movie is going well, first Thursday of the month, folks come early to get a seat, 5:30 is when it starts. Also, Book Club is going very well.
  • Children’s programs we are doing two different story times, toddlers come first, and pre-school is next, but it is struggling. Alex Bay pre-school is from 8:00 to 1:00, they can’t come to the morning session therefore the time frame is for 1:15 p.m.
  • The after-school programs, there is sewing is in November.

Old Business

  • Holiday Craft Fair
  • River Harmony is coming to entertain at the Craft Fair
  • The vendors have been contacted. The television stations have been contacted for their event calendars.

New Business

  • February 8th, is the date for “the Heart of Winter”
  • Book Sale 13th of June through July 11th
  • Silent Auction, start with Kathie Summer as a musician, July 17th, confirm with Molly
  • Holiday Craft Fair December 5th
  • Golf Tournament, June 6th? Confirm with Amanda
  • Mr Davis did cut the trees out front. We need someone to come and do a few odd jobs, discussion follows, clean gutters, change light bulbs, shelve installation. A jack of all trades that would be brought in randomly. Denise will check at BOCES.
  • Annual meeting of NCLS, Tom E went, the big discussion dealt with groups dealing with the library.
  • We won an award, Outstanding Partnership Award, the award was presented to Macsherry Library by NCLS, for our partnership with Hearts for Youth and the Blue Grass Group.

Staff Concerns

  • None

Board Concerns

  • Energy savings is discussed, we could move to all LED bulbs. National Grid has a program where you can get a serious incentive if all light bulbs are changed over.
  • Offsetting the air conditioning is our major issue, that puts us on to demand metering.
  • No news on the children’s room floor, Mike Putnam is not currently available.

Peach Jar

  • A suggestion that we investigate “Peach Jar” where you can submit a flyer, it then sent to the school, the school approves it and it goes out to all the kids in the school system. Could be used as a marketing tool.


  • A question is raised about a newsletter, the response is that at this time we don’t have anyone to take on creating a Newsletter.

Ann moves we adjourn, Denise seconds, all are in favor

We adjourn at 8:39 pm

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson

Macsherry Library

Minutes November 13,2019

Present: Steve Burns, Rich Leclerc, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Denise Haddock, Cecilia Thompson, Ann Ward, Chris Vasiliadis  and Ceil Cunningham

Absent: :Tom Mitchell

Meeting called to order at 7:05


Minutes are reviewed

Ann moves we approve the minutes, Tom E seconded all are in favor

Financial report

  • Northern New York community foundation, Tom E gives us an update on the total amount of the investment.
  • The financial report is reviewed.
  • Direct mail report, we are a little behind from last year.
  • There are some funds received from FML that have not been deposited.
  • School ballot money is in.
  • Small amount in Capital savings from a grant that has to be spent, there is no deadline

Ann moves to approve the financial report, Tom E seconds, all are in favor

Bills to be paid

  • A question is asked if there anything unusual in the list of bills to be paid and Ceil says no.
  • The Verizon bill we wonder why it is so expensive, the answer is that we have two internet lines. Possibly Spectrum should be contacted to see if they could provide a less expensive service. Castle Cable should also be contacted regarding how much the cost would be for their service since they can provide 50MG. It would be worth asking Castle Cable, Chris will call.

Tom E moves to pay the bills, Denise seconds all are in favor.


  • Linda Toomey sent out a note to those who have not been members for a long time.
  • We are hoping that more monies will arrive at the end of the year at tax contribution time.
  • Ann asks the Board again if they we know anyone who would join the FML, she will get in touch with them.
  • There are 4 folks that have renewed.
  • FML pamphlets will be given to Denise to give out to the those that attend the Paint and Sip classes. Ceil will check to see if the pamphlets are available and if not then some more will be printed up.
  • An information table for FML will be set up at the Holiday Craft Fair.

Blue Grass report

  • There were 28 last month, we didn’t have any lead musicians, Buddy Clarke will be there in December and he will work on the back up musicians coming.
  • Musicians are starting to go south, but the audience still comes.
  • The audience is happy.

Library program report

  • We are waiting to hear from JCC they had programs in the past, we could have one before the end of the year.
  • Classes are going well, numbers are a little down, the weather impacts things a little bit.
  • The card making class was very successful and will be repeated Dec 3rd.
  • 1st Thursday in December, Amazing Grace will be showing at 5:30, dinner and a movie
  • Toddler story time is going extremely well, for the 1:30 story time on Wednesday the numbers are up to 5 and slowly growing.
  • Book Club is going strong, they are following the idea of the “Xmas jar” at Xmas time
  • Raffle items for the Holiday Craft Fair are coming in from class teachers.

Guitar night

  • The first one was last month, there were 3 people in attendance. The night went well, low key, they are meeting again on the 21st. One lady sat and listened the whole time. It has been promoted to a few teens to see if they are interested.

Craft show

  • We will set up the library on Friday night at 7:00. The vendors will set up Friday night and Saturday a.m. The show is 10:00 to 4:00.
  • Kids crafts 10 to 1:00

New Business

  • Plowing and sidewalk snow removal, the Village had to be called since they left 3 feet of snow from the curb. Parking was an issue and access for seniors was also a problem. Ann came to the library that morning and agreed it was a problem. There was a young man however that was shoveling the sidewalk, Garet Bass, he is a good worker. Mike Ulmstead could take care of the sidewalk maybe. We might only need someone to clean up after the Village comes and do the sidewalk. Maybe get prices and see what could be negotiated, consider getting a yearly rate.
  • We might need a seasonal price, a monthly billing should be investigated. Winter rate. Rusty Hall or Billy Stay could be contacted.
  • A suggestion that possibly someone with a snow blower could come and clean up after the Village, if this works out it should be done by 8:00 am
  • The Village might take care of salting.
  • Chris will call and he will ask for seasonal pricing or monthly pricing. Pricing on doing sidewalks, driveway as well as 5 sq feet outside the back door and a trail from the library to the storage as well as route to the bird feeder. Touch up plowing will also be asked about, what the terms would be. Ceil will get in touch with Tom to call Mike Umstead.

Board concerns


Staff concerns

  • Keelie and Ceil will be gone this coming Tuesday to a NCLS meeting.
  • NCLS wanted to put a little message on our receipt it would say you have save $40 by taking a book today.
  • We are switching to Paul Delima coffee, we will be testing 3 blends.

Staff Concerns

  • Multiple dogs arriving at the library at the same time caused a concern. Service dogs are permissible only. A sign on the door might help saying Service Dogs are permissible. Low key is the approach for now
  • The bump in the children’s room floor is discussed, having the repair work done in the area is discussed. The suggestion is to have 4 contractors give a quote with a specific time frame. We have waited 15 years. A suggestion is made to balance our budget and take it from there. Doug Stroud is a suggestion to do the work. Once that work is done, then we will discuss surfacing the floor. Rich is going to call Doug and get his opinion and we will take it from there. Inside masonry is often done in the winter months.
  • Pointing the overhang and the bricks is discussed.

Ann moves we adjourn and Denise seconds, all are in favor

We adjourn at 8:08

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson